Great River Outfitters (GRO) imports & distributes British sea kayaks from Valley Canoe Products and Nigel Dennis Kayaks. These kayaks are available through our dealership network or directly from Great River Outfitters, if there is no dealer in your area. You may want to call a dealer of your choice or us for more information, including pricing and availability.


VCP & NDK kayaks are best appreciated if they can be paddled prior to purchasing, preferably under varying weather conditions. Most our dealers offer kayak demonstrations. Please make an appointment with your local dealer and get your paddle wet!

How to choose a sea kayak?


VCP kayaks are made in Nottingham (England) under the direction of world renowned sea kayaker-designer Frank Goodman.

STANDARD FEATURES: 3 hatches and curved bulkheads, retractable skeg using cable slider (rope skeg system optional), recessed deck fittings, deck lines and bungees, recess for Nexus 70P compass and backstrap.

NORDKAPP JUBILEE: Premier expedition sea kayak, fast, eminently seaworthy, recommended for advanced paddlers.

AQUILA: Large volume expedition sea kayak for intermediate or advanced kayakers; fast, straight running, and exceptionally good in wind.

ARGONAUT: Fast, roomy, seaworthy expedition kayak

AQUANAUT: Smaller version of Argonaut, fast seaworthy expedition kayak for medium or small paddler.

AVOCET: New for 2000. High performance, compact kayak.

AVOCET RM : State of the art compact polyethylene sea kayak.

SKERRAY: Fast, roomy all around boat, great starter boat without a need to upgrade.

SKERRAY RMX: The most advanced polyethylene sea kayak on the market with many original design features.

SKERRAY XL: High volume sea kayak for larger paddlers, suitable for the beginners; has may attributes of its smaller version (Skerray).

ANAS ACUTA: Small volume, narrow beam, maneuverable sea kayak designed in an Inuit tradition. Very low windage.

PINTAIL: Smaller volume, very sporty sea kayak for medium size paddlers; a play boat for the sea. Available now with a keyhole cockpit.

ALEUT SEA II (Double Kayak): High performance seaworthy tandem sea kayak for all skill levels. Superb outfitting with 3 bulkheads and 3 hatches.


Made in Anglesey Sea & Surf Center (Wales) under the direction of expeditioneer and coach Nigel Dennis.

STANDARD FEATURES: 3 hatches and bulkheads (including sloping bulkhead behind cockpit for ease of emptying), retractable skeg using rope system (VCP cable slider optional), recessed deck fittings, deck lines and bungees, recess for Nexus 70P compass and backstrap.

ROMANY 16: Compact & nimble sea kayak for up to medium size paddlers; remains maneuverable in all conditions.

ROMANY 16 LV: Smaller version of Romany 16 with smaller cockpit.

POSEIDON: Compact and roomy kayak for the larger paddler.

EXPLORER & EXPLORER HV: Serious expedition sea kayak, stable, straight running, very good in following seas. EXPLORER HV (high volume) is designed for large paddlers with identical hull but with more volume and a higher deck.

EXPLORER LV: Smaller version of Explorer with smaller cockpit.

GREENLANDER: Long, narrow, straight running sea kayak designed in the Inuit tradition.

GREENLANDER PRO: Fast and seaworthy Inuit style kayak with a keyhole cockpit

TRITON II: Very fast, sporty and maneuverable tandem sea kayak.