Possible Alternatives to Take Magic Mushrooms

With online stores selling magic mushrooms, you don’t have to trek nearby forests to scout on decaying barks of trees or go to pasture lands to look for them on weeks-old cow shits. That is if you do not grow them yourself.

Magic mushrooms have been used for generations, but it was only recently that it became popular because of social media where users have been exchanging their experiences about this psychedelics. From that time on, online stores selling this hallucinogen have been busy as bees providing magic mushrooms to hobbyists. But this psilocybes shop has been a standout because of quality shrooms and excellent services.

If you are new to magic mushrooms, you should know the different ways to take it and see how to get the most of this psychedelic. Here are some of the popular methods of eating or taking psilocybin mushrooms.

Eating Them Raw

If you went to peak some fresh magic mushrooms, be sure to wash it first with running water, especially if you picked them straight from decaying cow’s shit. Do not soak them as they can readily absorb water. You can also brush them with a shroom brush to eliminate hard-to-remove soil. Dry them, and you can eat them raw. Follow it up with water because the taste may not be pleasant for you, so you should always have a cup of water on the side.

Using Cap Gels

By drying your magic mushrooms first, you can powderize them using a powder machine. You can then put amounts into gel caps. This method will ensure that you will not be tasting any of the unpleasant flavors of the mushroom. You can also estimate your dose.

Smoking Them

After drying your shrooms, you can cut them into tiny particles and make a joint, or you can use a pipe. Smoke them as if you are smoking tobacco or weeds. But smoking psilocybin has not been studied if you can get the same potency as when you ingest them orally.

Coating Them With Sweets

You can coat powdered magic mushroom using chocolate or other sweeteners. You can be assured that the unpleasant flavor of the shroom will not be tasted at all. Just be sure to control the amount you are taking in if you love sweets and chocolates.

Mixing Them Cooked Food

How about a psilocybin pizza or a shroom powder-sprinkled pasta? You can use your culinary creativeness to discover ways to combine magic mushrooms into your dishes.

With all these alternatives, you can take magic mushrooms in the most enjoyable way without the unpleasant flavor.